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23 N Wacker Drive, Chicago IL 60606

(312) 384-1011

Monday – Friday, 6am – 4pm | Saturday, 8am – 1pm

Ogilvie – 500 W Madison Street, 2nd Floor = Chicago, IL 60661

(312) 281-6782

Monday – Friday, 6am – 4pm

Our food truck travels around the city of Chicago on Wednesdays through Sundays. Please follow us on twitter to see our daily locations!

About Us:

Our eggs and meats are sourced directly from Slagel Family Farm (Fairbury, IL). They’re all-natural, hormone-free, and humanely raised – because we care about what you eat.

Our fluffy bread is baked daily in Chicago by La Farine Bakery (Logan Square). There are NO additives or preservatives of any kind.

We make all of our sauces and granolas from scratch using our own recipes. We’re constantly inventing new menu items.

The Eastman Egg Company is proud to be the first brand in Chicago to parter with Irving Farm Coffee Roasters. Founded in 1996, Irving Farm’s green coffee buying program focuses on direct relationships with farmers, sustainable practices and a philosophy of quality over quantity. Their depth of knowledge, skill, empathy, and belief in guest experience make them an exceptional partner and friend to work with!


Two years ago, we set out to make breakfast better. Our mission is to make delicious food, deliver seamless service, and create meaningful experiences.

Now, imbued with energy and positivity from our team and our customers, we’re setting our sights much higher: we want to change breakfast forever. To accomplish this goal, we choose to operate differently than other restaurants. We think of ourselves as a company, not a start-up or chef-driven enterprise. We’re highly critical and analytical in our approach to new ideas, from tasty new sandwiches to relationships with our partners and suppliers. We make decisions that prioritize sustainable long-term growth rather than quick, easy wins.

Our company exists to make your weekdays memorable. The Eastman Egg experience is Fast, Exquisite, and Fun. Welcome to a better morning.

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