Hello Bacon-Nation.

“Competition” in the culinary arts is such a sketchy word – so subjective, and to us, all 24 chefs are Winners with a capital W.  But we did do a ballot for “Best Tasting Bacon Dish Period” as well as an internal Ballot for “Most creative use of Bacon” – and there were some other Golden Rasher awards handed out.

Tropgy B

And the “Piggy goes to…….(insert drumroll)”:

SHIFT 1 – Golden Rasher Winners:

Most Creative Use of Bacon: Chef Roger Herring of SOCCA for his “triple bacon veal meatballs and asparagus with a lemon thyme bacon sugo.”  www.soccachicago.com

Meatball B


Best Tasting Bacon Dish Period: Chef Jared Wentworth of LONGMAN AND EAGLE for his “Bacon Waffle with brown sugar bacon ice cream – garnished with candied dehydrated bacon.”  www.longmanandeagle.com

Waffle B

jared B

SHIFT 2 – Golden Rasher Winners:

Most Creative Use of Bacon: Chef Patrick Sheerin of THE SIGNATURE ROOM for his “Bacon in the style of Pastrami, kimchee coleslaw and crispy rye.”  www.signatureroom.com

Pastram B

Pat B

Best Tasting Bacon Dish Period:  Chef Chris Lateano of THE SOUTHWATER KITCHEN for his “Bacon Rillette”s, coddled egg dressing, pickled ramps and bacon fat griddled brioche croutons.”  www.southwaterkitchen.com

South 2

Chris B

Additional Golden Rashers went to:

Bridget Fallen – Winner of the Bacon On-line Poetry Contest for her Poem “Hot Streaks”

Bridg B

Tina Bennet – Winner of the Nueske’s Amateur Cookoff for her “Bacon strip cookies.”


Photo:  Tina Bennet

Tina B

Paul Kim aka MC SIZZLE – Winner of the Youtube Bacon-music-video contest for his song “Sizzle, Sizzle, Pop, Pop”.

Paul B