Veerasway has a team of Chefs that work hand and hand together to create our menu. Our Tandoor Chef, Chef Gino Amezquita is responsible for our proteins and the marinade and tandoor roasting of those meats. He has mastered the technique of handling and cooking with 800 degree fire and the skill of “popping naans” . Our Curry Chef, Chef Mark Kosinar focuses on our traditional yet twisted curries. This entails intricit layering of spices, which we call our Tarkas. We pan pull every curry dish, which requires a skill to be incredibly consistent and precise with spices. Our Creative Development Chefs, Sahil Singh and Hiran Patel, are of Indian descent, and born and raised in the good old USA, which clearly makes them a perfect fit for our Indo- American food. The two of them work alongside owner, Angela Lee creating new menu items.  And to pull it all together is Veerasway’s Lead Chef, Craig Dowling. Craig has the charisma and passion to lead daily. He works at buiding each Chefs own strengths and creative ambitions. He focuses on open dialogue in his kitchen and believes strongly in the team as a whole. We call the chefs collectively, Team Veera.