We’re thrilled to welcome the following vendors to Baconfest 2012.  These artisan producers of bacon and bacon-related merchandise represent an astonishing range of creativity and fun.

They run the gamut from artisan bacon-makers, to hip designers of bacon apparel and craft confectioners mixing salty and sweet.  We hope you’ll check them out at the fest, purchase their goods and seek out their products wherever quality bacon merchandise is found.

A la Card Chicago – https://baconfestchicago.com/a-la-card-chicago – Coupon decks for a consortium of 52 great Chicago restaurants.

Cabot Creamery Cooperativehttps://baconfestchicago.com/cabot-creamery-cooperative – In addition to sampling their bacon-cheese, they’re collaborating with Marion Street Cheese market on a dish to sample.

Crystal Baconhttps://baconfestchicago.com/crystal-bacon – “Acrylic sculptor” Greg Kiesow captures bacon’s taste in visual form.

Diffraction Chicago https://baconfestchicago.com/diffraction-fiber – Offers a handmade line of eco-friendly bacon-themed pillows and jewelry.

Dreymiller & Kray Quality Meatshttps://baconfestchicago.com/dreymiller-and-kray-quality-meats – This Hampshire, IL smokehouse offers up incredible artisanal bacon in a variety of styles.

Drink Deckhttps://baconfestchicago.com/drink-deck – An indie travel guide for creating bar crawls.

Enjoy – https://baconfestchicago.com/enjoy-urban-general-store – ENJOY carries a wide variety of fun, functional, and inspirational items, including a complete line of bacon novelties.

Halo’shttps://baconfestchicago.com/halos – Local spice maker offers a custom blend that goes great with bacon.

JDY Gourmet & Big Fork Bacon Sausage https://baconfestchicago.com/jdy-gourmet-and-big-fork-bacon-sausage – JDY presents a highly curated selection of quality meats; at Baconfest they’re teamed up with Lincoln Square bacon-sausage maker, Big Fork Brands.

Jo Snow Syrupshttps://baconfestchicago.com/jo-snow – local maker of artisanal flavored syrups.

Jones Dairy Farmhttps://baconfestchicago.com/jones-dairy-farm – WI maker of quality bacon and smoked meats.

Know Your Flaghttps://baconfestchicago.com/know-your-flag – designer of incredible Chicago- & pork- focused prints and apparel.

House of Caramelhttps://baconfestchicago.com/house-of-caramel – brand new craft confectioner offering bacon-maple caramel and bacon brittle.

Mosefund Farm – Mangalitsahttps://baconfestchicago.com/mosefund-mangalitsa – raises free-range heritage-breed Mangalitsa pigs.

Nosh Thishttps://baconfestchicago.com/nosh-this – Bay area confectioner makes Bacon Crack – chocolate-covered, bacon butter-toffee.

Pigchaser BBQhttps://baconfestchicago.com/pigchaser-bbq-sauce – Grayslake-based creator of Bacon BBQ sauce.

Salted Caramel https://baconfestchicago.com/salted-caramel – artisanal producer of “sweet meets savory” treats; including outstanding bacon-bourbon caramel corn.

Spencer’s Jolly Posh British and Irish Foodshttps://baconfestchicago.com/spencers – British transplant Nick Spencer makes Irish Back Bacon and traditional British bangers.

The Bacon Lady https://baconfestchicago.com/the-bacon-lady – Sweet and salty treats from handcrafted maple marshmallows to buttery bacon pecan toffee.