1111 W. Randolph St. Chicago, IL 60607

312-255-7004 – info@westloopsalumi.com

Hours | T&W: 12-3pm | Th-Friday: 12-4pm | Sat: 11-4pm | Sun: 11-3pm


West Loop Salumi opened in 2013 as Illinois’ first USDA salumeria. Salumiere Greg Laketek trained in Italy under the famous Massimo Spigaroli only to keep to his Itallian roots and the salumi traditions. West Loop Salumi dedicates itself to the West Loop neighborhood, where it resides in Chicago. Using old world Italian traditions and recipes gives West Loop Salumi a unique niche to the American salumi and charcuterie industry. We pride our selves on the quality of our ingredients, casings, procedures, and especially the quality of our meat.

At Baconfest Chicago:

West Loop Salumi – Applewood and Cherrywood Bacon Salami - Baconfest 2015

Applewood and Cherrywood Bacon Salami

West Loop Salumi

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