Hello Bacon Nation:

We are pleased to announce the winner of the 2018 Bacon Poetry Contest.  Congratulations to Caitlin Landry.  Her piece Children of the Bacon has been selected as winner by the BFC Literary Panel.  Enjoy her poem below.  We’re pleased to award her with:

  • A Golden Rasher Award for Best Poem about Bacon
  • Four (4) VIP Tickets to the session of your choice.
  • A Baconfest Merch Swag Bag – 6 items of your choosing

A big thank you to all those who entered the contest.  We received so many great entries.  Judging poetry is very subjective and in our eyes, you are all winners.  But as they say in Highlander “there can only be one” – and for 2018, that one is Caitlin Landry.

Thanks Bacon Nation for your enthusiasm for this contest.  Baconfest Chicago begins a week from Friday!!  We are E-X-C-I-T-E-D.

Andre, Michael and Seth

Winner of the 2018 Bacon Poetry Contest:

Children of the Bacon
by Caitlin Landry

In the village of Cochon,
the children’s faces were aglow.
For “Sunday means bacon!”,
this they surely know.

The rashers were a’sizzlin’
as they charged down the stairs.
Young Wilbur clapped his hands,
as his mother fried their fares.

Naploeon the eldest
squealed on repeat,
while Olivia and Peppa
huddled closely ’round the heat.

“Tender or crispy?”,
the mother asked her litter,
as she turned up the flame
feeling crunchier was fitter.

She served it piping hot,
steam wafting through the air.
The glossy, streaky strips
had never looked so fair.

Their childhood defined,
by the plate before them, still,
of sweet, salty, bacon.

The taste.
The lure.
The thrill.