Tennessee Sippin’ Pig

by Brian Polak

Bacon Infused Jack Daniels Old Num 7 (See below)
Calvados Apple Brandy
Cinnamon Syrup (Torelli or equivalent brand)
Candied Pork Belly (See below)
Home Cured Bacon (See below)
Grade B Real Maple Syrup
Dark Brown Sugar

Bacon Infused Jack Daniels
1. Pan fry 1lb of bacon and reserve fat
2. Add 750mL Jack Daniels Black Label to a larger container
3. Add fresh, hot bacon fat from pan to the Jack Daniels, mix well, let cool to room temp
4. While that cools eat the bacon, nom nom nom
5. Once room temp cover and put in fridge for 24-48 hours
6. Remove from fridge, skim fat block from the top
7. Filter JD through coffee filter (to remove floating fat particles) back into its original bottle
8. Store in freezer (preferred by me) or fridge

Home Cured Bacon
1. So many ways to cure your own bacon you need to use the one you prefer best on personal taste or can
use store bought bacon.
2. Slice home cured bacon into standard slices or open the store package. 🙂

Bacon Straws
1. Wrap sliced bacon around 1/4” diameter stainless steel form tube
2. Bake in 450 deg F oven for 15-20 minutes until cooked firm/crisp to hold shape

Candied Pork Belly
1. Cut fresh pork belly into approximately 3/4” cubes (give or take…close is good enough)
2. Dredge cubes in Grade B Maple syrup
3. Roll in dark brown sugar to coat all sides
4. Place on cooking rack above foil/parchment paper lined tray
5. Bake in 450 deg F over for 20-25 minutes until cooked through and outsides are have slightly charred
sugars and are somewhat shiny…this is candied.

Mix the Tennesse Sippin’ Pig (per serving may scale up for multiple)
1. In a shaker, for each serving, mix:

  • A) 2 ounces bacon infused Jack Daniels
  • B) 1 ounce Calvados Apple Brandy
  • C) 1 ounce cinnamon syrup
  • D) Shake well to combine

2. In a large rocks glass:

  • A) Add one 2” ice cube
  • B) Pour one serving of above mixture over the cube
  • C) Lightly dust with nutmeg
  • D) Insert a bacon “straw”
  • E) Garnish across glass rim with two pieces of candied pork belly on a toothpick

3. Serve